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Professional Standards & Training Division

Training Team


Jacob Harlow
(803) 205-4426


Bryan Schumpert

(803) 550-9536


The Cayce Police Department conducts year-round training to maintain a high standard of professionalism for our officers to serve this community. Below is a list of some of the extensive training classes our officers participate in. 

  • Anti Bias training which has been included in required training for our Officers.
  • DV yearly training in compliance with Academy and Department Standards.
  • Less lethal training and equipment. This was incorporated in the last year with use of less lethal shotguns and equipment.
  • Advanced training for impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE and other programs)
  • Leadership Classes that will allow better communication and performance in every discipline in our department.  
  • FTO programs that have been revised and improved for better preparation for new and even existing officers.
  • Interview and Interrogation training classes that assist in investigative work as well as for first line Officers.
  • Advanced forensic technique training to assist with crime scene and investigative techniques.
  • TAC Med classes to assist with Officer first aid and rapid response during incidents. 
  • Yearly training to be in compliance with the SCCJA. This incudes firearms training, driving training, defensive tactics and secondary weapons training including Taser and OC.
  • FBI-Leeda training which will expand supervisors skill sets.
Lieutenant Jacob Harlow demonstrating the use of a tourniquet
Officer in firearms training
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